Why was Kalani Faagata’s Hall Pass a “big deal” for her? Details explored

This season of 90 Day: The Last Resort is filled with twists and turns, keeping things interesting between the couples featured on the show. In the latest episode, titled Dead Last, released on Monday, August 21, 2023, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa engaged in a heated feud.

Kalani’s hall pass and her feelings towards him were the reasons for the argument between the couple. According to her confession:

“I took Asuelu up on the hall pass when he cheated because s*xually, I’ve only been with Asuelu and I just wanted to see what it was like. But once I got to know this other person better, I ended up liking the other man. So I don’t know.”

Asuelu admitted that he is “really mad and upset” after learning that Kalani is thinking about other men besides him. In this episode, he also talked about how difficult it is to see his woman have feelings for another man and want to build a connection with them.

According to Kalani Faagata, Asuelu did the same thing to her as well, but he didn’t build any connection with them, so it was okay at the time. However, he doesn’t approve of what she is doing now.

Moreover, she explained to him that for her to get physical, she needs to make a connection with the person first, as it is a “big deal” for her. She shared the following:

“I only slept with you before him. You realize, right? So yes, it’s a big deal for me to sleep with somebody else who’s not my husband, so I had to keep a connection with him.”

90 Day: The Last Resort star Asuelu Pulaa wants a fresh start with his wife Kalani Faagata

On this episode of the show, 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu revealed he would do anything to keep his marriage together. Furthermore, he expressed how much it affects him to see his wife making connections with other men.

“I know I screwed up. I cheated on her and I [made] a really bad idea to give her a [hall] pass. But Kalani still texting to the other guy. And I want her to, like, stop doing that, and let’s just start fresh,” he said.

Kalani responded by saying that she is tired of hearing her husband apologize, adding that he only says these things but never does them.

Following this, Kalani Faagata brought up the hypocritical behavior that Asuela exhibited in front of her about his extramarital hookup being no big deal. She pointed out that it was a big deal when she did the same. In response, Asuelu apologized again for his behavior, stating:

“I’m here. I sacrifice everything to be here with you. I want to be with you and I’m so sorry that I [screwed] up and things like that.”

90 Day: The Last Resort cast member Kalani then advised him to look for another place to sleep that night since she wasn’t feeling comfortable:

“OK, well, you can’t sleep here tonight. I don’t feel comfortable and I think it’s better for us to have a little bit of space tonight.”

The synopsis of episode 2 of 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 is as follows:

“Five couples arrive at a paradise retreat for intensive therapy; infidelity shakes Kalani and Asuelu’s world; Angela threatens divorce; Yara confronts her nemesis; Ed and Liz want to move beyond their breakup cycle; Molly and Kelly try to heal.”

The latest episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort is available every Monday at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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