What happened to Julio Urias’ eyes? Discovering reason behind Dodgers pitcher’s use of glasses in every game

Julio Urias wears glasses, which is an admittedly uncommon occurrence for any pro athlete. Most of them, if they have eye issues, will wear contacts. Very few have worn protective eyewear like goggles or lenses. A lot of the time, these can get in the way and there’s a genuine risk of them being broken.

Julio Urias wears them anyway. Why is that? The pitcher does not have the everyday weak eyesight that might plague others. Instead, he has a rare condition that effectively forces him to wear glasses.


Looking closely at the Los Angeles Dodgers ace, fans might be able to notice that his left eye is more closed than his right eye. This is due to a rare condition caused by a recurring “periorbital benign mass”.

Why does Julio Urias have glasses?

This mass can grow for Julio Urias, hence the recurring issue. He has to occasionally have surgery to remove the mass. The last time he had surgery for this was in 2015, so it’s been a while since it’s truly caused him issues.

However, there’s always the potential for it to grow and cause serious problems with his eyesight. Regardless, due to the issue and the shape of his eye, contacts aren’t viable and the pitcher has to use glasses.

Fans of the San Diego Padres once mocked him for this. They jeered over his eye issues, but he took it in stride and dished it right back out:

“I gave it to your team in the playoffs last year and I have a ring. You guys don’t have anything. And that was with one eye. Imagine if I had two.”

Urias has dealt with these issues for a very long time, and it’s not as if they’re going to go away anytime soon, either. He’s equipped, obviously, to deal with the mockery that might come. While glasses are a normal part of life for those with poor eyesight, they’re often used to make fun.

Nevertheless, Urias is not ashamed of it and actually embraces it. The glasses certainly make the pitcher, who was recently arrested, stand out.

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