Umpire Hilariously Falls On Ground While Saving Himself From A Shot During County Game. Watch

Umpire falls on the ground during a County Division 2 game between Yorkshire and Derbyshire.© Twitter

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game but it sometimes becomes so funny that you can’t help but roll on the floor laughing. Breathtaking and mesmerising performances are the essence of cricket field but they are the funny moments that make the game much more entertaining. In one of the funniest incidents that ever happened on a cricket field, an umpire fell on the ground while trying to save himself from a down-the-ground shot played by a batter. The incident occured during a County Division 2 game between Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Yorkshire batter Finlay Bean drove a full toss delivery of Anuj Dal down the ground. The ball was travelling right through the gap between the umpire and the non-strike batter, who was standing to the left of him.

The umpire made a good escape but he failed to balance his body. As a result, he fell abruptly fell on the ground, giving rise to an extremely funny moment.

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Things are not always funny in cricket though. Sometimes it results in grave injuries. For a cricket-crazy nation like India, such instances are, unfortunately, quite common. There are numerious cricket stadiums across the country but even that fail to suffice the requirements of the current generation wanting to play cricket. As a result, cricketers go beyond the boundaries to play the game even at the place that is not suitable.

A viral that recently went viral on social media showed a group of people playing cricket on a football ground. While taking a run, the batter put so much of focus on the ball that he forgot that he has a goalpost right in front of him. The consequence saw the batter colliding with the post and getting injured.

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