Trey Lance injury can galvanize 49ers fans, Richard Sherman says

Trey Lance injury can galvanize 49ers fans, Richard Sherman says

The 49ers Faithful had an up-and-down day Sunday, as Trey Lance went down with a fractured ankle, then Jimmy Garoppolo led the Niners to a win over the Seahawks. Some fans blamed Kyle Shanahan for putting the dual-threat Lance in harm’s way, while others found some sort of relief knowing what to expect from Garoppolo.

That split is emblematic of where the fanbase was entering Sunday’s game, knowing the unproven Lance had great potential but Garoppolo had just taken the team to an NFC title game.

“That’s what I was concerned with for Niner fans,” former 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said on his podcast on The Volume. “They were so mad and so split. They were either, ‘We love Jimmy,’ or, ‘We love Trey.’ It’s like, they’re on the same team. The only people not going the same direction is y’all.”

Sherman said that while Lance’s season-ending injury is unfortunate, he views the situation as an opportunity for the 49ers’ fanbase to galvanize — both in support of Lance and in cheering for Garoppolo to succeed as he takes over for the rest of the season.

“This can be a galvanizing moment for Niner fans to say, ‘Hey, let’s come together and pray for Trey Lance and his health,’ ” Sherman said. “First and foremost, you hate to see anybody injured, and a serious injury at that. So pray for his health, and then support the guy under center, right now. That should always be the case.”

Sherman also shut down critics blaming Shanahan for rushing the ball too much with Lance, pointing out that Lance was injured on just his third run of the game.

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