Thoughts on Identity and Diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month (part 1)

Thoughts on Identity and Diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month (part 1)

Seeking to avoid detection, I quickly formulated a devious plan. I spun around, still in a squatting position, and poked the ground in front of me, pretending to be interested in the dirt and expecting my body would shield my botanical specimen from view. I remember being both happy and relieved when the clothes started going up on the line because it meant my plan was working.

Unfortunately, fate intervened. In the midst of my excitement, I lost balance and fell backwards –sitting directly on that prickly pear pad with all those needles. I made a screech heard ‘round the neighborhood and my grandmother rushed over. Between my tears, I expected to see compassion and sympathy. Instead, I was shocked to be the subject of delight and howling laughter. In fact, my grandmother howled until the last Thorn – or thorn – was plucked off my baby bottom… although anyone who’s been victimized by a prickly pear knows you never really get them all out.

After that traumatic experience, you might think I learned my lesson — and I did.  I was a lot more careful the next time! Prickly pears were way too interesting for me to suspend my independent research.

That tenacity to pursue my interests – even at the cost of a little pain – is something I learned early on and I hold to this day. And it ties into the journey I’m going to tell you about over the course of this month: my search for ethnic identity that involves terms like Hispanic, Latino, Lantinx, Mexican American, Chicano, Mestizo, Raza. It’s a journey that has spanned more than half a century, and it continues to this day, because such quests never really end.

The next chapter of my ethnic discovery will weave together the Mexican Revolution, Irish nuns and the Brackenridge estate in San Antonio.  I look forward to sharing it with you. Quédate, ¡no te vayas!

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