The Hassle That Sparked The Bucs –

The Hassle That Sparked The Bucs –

The Hassle That Sparked The Bucs

September 18th, 2022

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You see this all the time in baseball. It doesn’t happen often in football. But Joe is convinced a hassle early in the fourth quarter lit the Bucs’ pilot light.

The Bucs’ defense was playing its arse off. The offense huffed and puffed and couldn’t do anything but a field goal.

When mouthy slimy Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore got into it with Playoff Lenny after Lattimore barked at Tom Brady, it led to a fight between Mike Evans and Lattimore resulting in both getting run from the game.

Joe hoped at the time that somehow, that would spark a fuse.

It seemed like it did.

The Bucs went on to score two touchdowns after that fight, one on a 28-yard catch by Breshad Perriman from Brady, the other a 68-yard pick-six. The latter put the Bucs ahead 20-3 with just over four minutes left.

And the Bucs finally broke that voodoo hex with a 20-10 win!

Joe is convinced that nonsense by Lattimore was the jolt the Bucs’ needed on offense.

In baseball, managers often purposely argue with an umpire and get tossed, hoping that stunt will somehow kickstart a team. That’s just what Joe thinks happened for the Bucs when Lattimore acted like himself.

Which is, he acted like an arse.

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