Shinsuke Nakamura teases a change ahead of major championship match at WWE Payback

Shinsuke Nakamura recently teased a change ahead of his World Heavyweight Championship bout at WWE Payback.

After spending several months in a frustrating feud with Bronson Reed and Ricochet, Nakamura finally made an emphatic statement when he attacked Seth Rollins following their six-man tag team match a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, it looks as though Nakamura has gotten inside the head of Seth Rollins by mentioning his injured back. The King of Strong Style hasn’t held back any punches either, as he has attacked the World Heavyweight Champion from behind at every opportunity.

This rivalry is set to culminate in a World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Payback. Ahead of the match, Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where he stated that fans wanted to see something different. He also teased a change at WWE Payback.

“They’ll be happy, because they want to see something different. I’m going to change something. I believe people want me to change the world.” [H/T WrestlingInc.]


Vince Russo revealed how he would have written a recent Shinsuke Nakamura-Seth Rollins segment

This past week on RAW, Seth Rollins cut a promo on his future opponent in the ring. During the promo, Rollins was attacked from behind and then hit with a Kinshasa.

During a recent episode of Sportskeeda’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo criticized that the babyface is always the one being attacked from behind. He also revealed how he would have written the segment.

“I used to hate that. What I would do, bro, when I was writing it, if the guy is sneaking up behind them, the guy would turn around and catch him. He’d wind up with the heat; he would wind up with the heat, not because the babyface was the only one in the building that didn’t know he was breathing down his head. I hate that.”


Shinsuke Nakamura’s recent heel turn has so far turned out to be good for the King of Strong Style as he has found himself back in the world title picture.

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