Roger Federer icon of most Rolex luxury commercial ever

Roger Federer icon of most Rolex luxury commercial ever

Another icon said enough: Roger Federer has decided to retire from tennis. In a video and a social post, the Swiss champion narrated his farewell letter to the sport he has lived and dominated for twenty years. A long series of thanks: from the family to the staff, from the opponents to the fans, who accompanied him on this long journey.

As many friends and rivals as ever, as much as the fans wanted to dedicate a message to the former world number one: from social media to press statements. The news of Roger Federer’s retirement was not limited to social networks, but was the main topic of discussion in newspapers, sports and otherwise.

At the age of 41, with 20 Slam titles on the board and over a hundred trophies in total, The Swiss Maestro definitively leaves playing tennis. In his letter he wrote: “To my tennis family and beyond. Of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest is, without a doubt, that of introducing me to people along the way: the my friends, my opponents and most of all the fans.

Today, I want to share some news with you. As everyone knows, the past three years have been a challenge for me in the form of injuries. I worked hard to get back, but my body sent me clear messages. Tennis has treated me better than I ever dreamed of, but I have to recognize the moment to end my professional career.

The Laver Cup in London next week will be my last ATP tournament. I will no longer participate in Grand Slams or tour tournaments. This was a bittersweet decision to make.”

Rolex Federer icon of most Rolex luxury commercial ever

Federer is not only one of the most successful and influential sportsmen ever, but he is also an icon of style, class and luxury.

Being one of the richest sportsmen, Roger is the testimonial of many famous brands, one of which, perhaps the most famous of all, is Rolex. The luxury watch brand has often shared very beautiful commercials, in which the innate class of Federer is combined with the marked elegance of the Rolex.
One of these is the famous commercial Tells Historyperhaps one of the most iconic sports ever.

Here this iconic commercial, in which Roger and Rolex showed their innate charm:

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