Pascagoula celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Festival Hispano

Pascagoula celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Festival Hispano

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – Pascagoula is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, holding a Festival Hispano at Pascagoula Beach Park.

“We wanted to include everybody. We got resurrections. We got Pascagoula-Gautier School District. We got local churches, we got local salsa bands that are singing,” said Lazaro Rovira. “We wanted to make it Hispanic, we want it to involve all the local Hispanic businesses as well.”

This is an opportunity for enjoyment.

“It’s very interesting to see everyone in their native costumes and it’s just a nice day,” said one festival goer.

“This is wonderful. I’m glad the community comes out and supports the culture,” said Betsy Mowers.

The festival is also a time for education.

“All the cultures are very different. There’s different dialect, different food, different traditions…” said Mowers. “…and so I’m happy to see the community out here and I’m glad to see so many tables out that are representing different cultures…you know, people are fearful of the unknown, and when you see people having a good time dancing, eating, we’re all the same.”

“A lot of us, we own businesses. We work hard, and there is really nothing for us to do,” said Rovira. “So doing this is a way of Pascagoula telling the Hispanic community ‘we appreciate you,’ and it makes us feel appreciated.”

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