Oscar Piastri’s departure from Alpine was not managed well according to former F1 team manager

F1 pundit Peter Windsor mentioned that Oscar Piastri’s exit from the Alpine F1 team could have been managed better.

In the last year’s mid-season break, the young Aussie driver found himself caught in the mix of a controversy when he declined the offer to race for the French team despite being their reserve driver and chose to go to McLaren.

Oscar Piastri had claimed that Alpine announced him as its driver without his agreement after Fernando Alonso left the team for Aston Martin.

In his Live Stream on YouTube, former team manager of McLaren and Ferrari Windsor said:

“I think you gotta take your hat off to Aussie Grit for extracating Oscar from that situation because it was the obvious step to do because if there was half a chance at McLaren you get him in there.”

“I repeat my point it could have been handled better only because to walk away from a race team it confirms that, ‘You’re a young guy and a driver and you haven’t even raced’ is a diffcult thing for all those young guys out there who don’t have a drive.”

He added:

“Regardless of what was the contractual situation or what was said verbally, the reality was that he did have the drive.”

Why McLaren was the best option for Oscar Piastri

After CRB ruled his favor, Oscar Piastri stated that he always felt the McLaren F1 team was the best option for him to start his racing career.

Speaking with F1.com, the Aussie said:

“I was free to choose my destiny — and I felt McLaren was a great opportunity. They were very straightforward and very keen and enthusiastic to have me. To be completely honest, there was a lack of clarity around my future at the team at Alpine. They publicly stated they wished to continue with Fernando for at least one or two more years. I respect that.”

He further noted:

“But after spending the year out, my hopes were firmly set on an Alpine seat and the lack of clarity and, similarly to Fernando, a bit of a strange feeling in negotiations, it didn’t feel like it was the right decision for me [to stay around].”

He concluded:

“The lack of clarity around my future, and ultimately a breakdown in trust, I felt the very attractive offer of McLaren and the positive dealings with them thus far were all reasons why I felt McLaren was where I was best off for the future.”

Oscar Piastri’s decision to choose McLaren over Alpine is paying dividends in the 2023 season as they are ahead of the French team in the standings.

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