New York Yankees fans react to Josh Donaldson’s release after two disastrous seasons

The New York Yankees have officially released Josh Donaldson from the roster, carrying on the trend of their disastrous 2023 season. The former MVP was acquired in a trade with the Minnesota Twins prior to the 2022 season and his New York tenure has been a dissapointment. Between a mixture of injuries, on-field controversies and subpar play, it is fair to say the trade was a total bust.

Donaldson has missed most of this season with a leg injury, and his ability to return in 2023 was in doubt. If he is able to return, he is now a complete free agent and is able to sign with any team. If he wants a chance at a championship, there could be a fit hoping he can play at an MVP-level for just one important month.

The New York Yankees announced the release on Twitter, much to the shock of many.

This was a decsion that passionate Yankees fans had been calling for practically all season, but it is still a surprise. If any release was coming, it would have been expected in the offseason. Considering the team doesn’t have playoff aspirations anymore, this move coming in August is a surprise. However, for most fans it is a more than welcome surprise.

Josh Donaldson hit 25 home runs across two seasons and played only one seasons worth of games with the Yankees. He was brought in to be the perfect addition to Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton’s offense. Instead, he was a drain on the team and took up a huge chunk of the payroll.

Choosing to eat the loss rather than carry it hoping for a return to form says a lot about how the team views him. After dominant seasons with the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays, his last few seasons have tarnished his reputation.

The Josh Donaldson era in New York is over and he is now able to sign with any MLB team that will have him.

Releasing Josh Donaldson is a step in the right direction for the New York Yankees

The Yankees are came into this season with World Series aspirations, and will be lucky to end it over .500. Injuries have certainly played a role, but the team was not constructed to win a championship. Josh Donaldson was not the primary problem in the franchise, but he was not going to be part of the solution.

History will not look kindly on Donaldson’s time with the Yankees and it could have a severe impact on his legacy.

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