National Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Mexico’s Independence

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Mexico’s Independence

(CBS DETROIT) – If you take a drive through Mexicantown you’ll see remnants of a rich history and culture.

From the food to the art and the language, much has been done to keep the Hispanic community grounded in their history.

“A lot of pride,” said Mexicantown Community Development Corporation Executive Director Raymond Lozano.

“A lot of history. A lot of blood, sweat and tears to getting it to this point.”

The Mexicantown Community Development Corporation is observing Mexican Independence, an annual celebration to remember the uprising from Spanish rule.

And the celebration comes just in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Senator Johnson who became President Lyndon Johnson created Hispanic Heritage two weeks back in 1968,” Lozano said.

“It wasn’t until 1988 that it became Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Southwest Detroit has a large Hispanic community.

Its where Mexican families began to settle in Detroit in the 1920s, due to its close proximity the Michigan Central Station.

It was the first stop immigrants landed upon arrival.

“Although I was born here in the United States, my folks immigrated from Mexico actually during the Mexican Revolution,” Lozano said.

“So, it was very important that folks that are not no longer in Mexico to keep up the traditions, the culture, the language.”

And as the Hispanic community remembers the plight of their ancestors, they’re also honoring the contributions made to bring the feel of their homeland to Detroit.

“Even though we speak Spanish and have a lot of terms like Hispanic, you know we celebrate our Independence from Spain so it’s an interesting history that continues here,” Lozano said.

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