Khamzat Chimaev vs. Kevin Holland, UFC 279 | MMA Bout

Khamzat Chimaev vs. Kevin Holland, UFC 279 | MMA Bout
Diaz vs. Ferguson
Tony Ferguson, DEC
This is such a better matchup for Diaz. I’m a bigger Diaz fan I’d say, I kinda feel bad for the guy. Ferguson should win here but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dias finds a way.

Chimaev vs. Holland
Khamzat Chimaev, SUB, R1
I think Chimaev gets the early sub here. I want Holland to win really bad but I just don’t see it happening unless he knocks Chimaev out. I guess it could happen but Chimaev took huge power shots from Burns, I think he can take a couple from Holland.

Lee vs. Rodriguez
Jingliang Li, TKO, R2
I also want D-Rod to win but one reason why I’m not picking him is because he keeps his head right in a straight line and doesn’t move it at all. You can’t be doing that against a guy like Li with tremendous power. Li isn’t the best fighter in the world but one thing he can do is know your lights out.

Aldana vs. Chiasson
Irene Aldana, DEC
Chiasson on a PPV main. Lol. Aldana wins anyway she wants.

Walker vs. Cutlass
Ion Cutelab, TKO, R2
I want Johnny Walker to win in an exciting way but if Cutelaba comes out here and lands a big bomb it’s over. Walker can’t take a punch we’ve known that for years.

Dawodu vs. Eros
Hakeem Dawodu, DEC
Never sleep on “Juicy J.” I’m taking Dawodu to win this fight by keeping it standing and just out boxing and kicking Erosa. Would I be shocked if Erosa snags up a sub? Nope.

Almeida vs. Turkalj
Jailton Almeida, TKO, R1
Almeida ground and pound quickly. Turkalj isn’t a bad fighter by any means but he looked terrible during his DWCS fight and it’s obvious he needs more time on the regional scene. Almeida could be a future champion. This isn’t gonna end well.

Pickett vs. Tiuliulin
Jamie Pickett, DEC
Tiuliulin is so one dimensional. He has no cardio, no wrestling, terrible TDD, but he has good boxing and decent power. Pickett should be able to clinch with him and just knee him and beat him up against the cage. Would be cool to see Jamie do good in the UFC.

Collier vs. Barnett
Jake Collier, TKO, R2
Barnett quit in his last fight. Come to find out, his wife passed away recently. I feel really bad for the guy and you never know what’s going on in a fighters personal life. Collier should be able to win in this spot but I wouldn’t be surprised if Barnett pulls off something random off.

Dumont vs. Wolf
Norma Dumont, DEC
I don’t think Wolf has good enough boxing or TDD to stop Dumont but if Norma comes out here and can’t get takedowns or doesn’t try for them it’s gonna be a long night for her.

Anheliger vs. Alateng
Heili Alateng, DEC
This fight will be close but I’m leaning Alateng.

Reed vs. Martinez
Melissa Martinez, DEC
After watching her last performance, I’ll probably never back Reed again. That was absolutely awful. Martinez seems like a decent prospect with good hands.

Weeks vs. Lainesse
Yohan Lainesse, TKO, R1
Lainesse early or Weeks late.

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