“Hey Am I Doing It Right?” – When Tennis Legend Roger Federer Mimicked $800 Million Worth WWE Icon!

“Hey Am I Doing It Right?” – When Tennis Legend Roger Federer Mimicked 0 Million Worth WWE Icon!

Tennis sensation Roger Federer once mimicked Hollywood sensation and WWE Legend Dwayne Johnson with one of his popular looks!

WWE wrestler turned Hollywood Superstar Dwayne Johnson has a unique aura and personality that attracts people all over the globe. Be it his acting or his presence on social media or be it his first love, wrestling the people absolutely love what The Brahma Bull does. Often it has been seen that the wrestler’s posts on Twitter and various other social media handles create an immense buzz among his fans present all over the globe.

Not only among the fans and followers but this wrestler of WWE is immensely popular in all the other sporting arenas as well. This being the reason, it has often been seen the personalities from other sports as well as the celebs from other arenas being engaged in interesting conversations with the wrestler on various handles of social media.

This time one of the sporting legends of the world imitated the looks of the popular Hollywood star, The Rock. Going a step further the sporting personality even asked for the opinion about his look from The Brahma Bull. The sporting personality is none other than the Swiss-based worldwide known Superstar, Roger Federer. The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles has ruled the world of tennis for more than a decade.

When Tennis Legend Roger Federer Mimicked WWE Icon and Hollywood Star Dwayne Johnson!

Known as the greatest of all time, Roger Federer once posted a picture on his social media site account Twitter. The post consisted of a picture of himself with an intense facial expression. The tennis sensation was imitating the ‘Smoldering Intensity’ look of Dwayne Johnson from his movie ‘Jumanji’. “Hey @TheRock, am I doing the “Smoldering Intensity” right?” read the caption of the tennis player.

It is to be noted that the wrestler turned actor The Rock played the role of Dr Smolder Bravestone in the movie titled, Jumanji. “Smoldering Intensity” was one of the strengths that Dr Smolder possessed. To wrestling fans however, the Smolder is more popularly known as the People’s Eyebrow.

The actor took no time to post his reply to the tweet made by Roger Federer.

“When you’re the GOAT there is no wrong brother. Perfect form. For those who don’t know.. ‘Smoldering Intensity’ is one of my character’s strengths in #Jumanji. And like Roger, ‘Dr. Smolder Bravestone’ has no weaknesses,” wrote the wrestler turned actor. He also posted a couple of emojis alongside his tweet.

This interesting conversation between the two icons left the people talking. The fans from the wrestling arena, tennis arena and the Dwayne Johnson fans from Hollywood could not just keep themselves away from pouring their reactions!

Roger Federer recently announced his retirement from Tennis. The Swiss Legend has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles over the course 0f almost two decades. His final match will be at the Laver Cup next week after which the curtains will come down on the career of one of if not the greatest tennis player of all time.

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