Henry Cejudo discusses bantamweight return 

Henry Cejudo discusses bantamweight return 
Henry Cejudo — perhaps more appropriately referred to by his nickname, ‘The King of Cringe’, in this case — is once again flaunting his polarizing personality prior to his return to the octagon.

The demonstration started when Cejudo’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, tweeted that the bantamweight top ten should be on notice, as Cejudo’s return is imminent.

@HenryCejudo getting ready for all 135 division Everybody in the top 10 in big trouble

@HenryCejudo getting ready for all 135 division Everybody in the top 10 in big trouble

Cejudo couldn’t help but reply in natural Cejudo fashion. Rather than candidly explaing how he will defeat the the top contenders, Cejudo stated that he will be putting them in ‘time-out’:

Many fans had rather hilarious replies to Cejudo, with some fans keeping receipts:

Another fan shared a hysterical edit of a recent picture that went viral. amanda nunes and Julianna Pena recently faced-off for their match at UFC 277. During their face-off, Pena’s daughter squared up behind her mother, which made for an iconic photo. Cejudo, who often gets grief for his slight stature, was photoshopped into this photo squaring up with Pena’s daughter:

Jokes aside, Henry Cejudo’s return to the bantamweight division will certainly be intriguing considering how competitive the division has been as of late. The division has benefited from an influx of rising and returning contenders whom Henry Cejudo hasn’t faced, such as Jose AldoT.J. Dillashaw, Cory Sandhagenand Sean O’Malleyto name a few.

Henry Cejudo shares inspiring story about how adversity lead him to make history

Henry Cejudo shared a clip on his Instagram about overcoming adversity in both his wrestling and MMA career. He first discussed how he facing adversity in wrestling before winning his Olympic gold medal, saying:

“There’s only seven guys that get elected to go to the World Championships… And I remember going out there and not even scoring a point at the World Championships… But I still kept my eye on the prize and continued to make adjustments… And by the time the Olympics came, I was down three out of my four matches and ended up winning gold.

Henry Cejudo went on to relate this to his MMA career and his fights against then-champion Demetrious Johnson. The former double-champ explained:

“The experience that I had in wrestling I brought it over to the sport of mixed martial arts… [It] was the same thing with Demetrious Johnson from not even lasting a whole round, like barely barely lasting half a round… to eventually coming back, you know, two-and-a-half years later and getting that win back… Just do just enough where you can be a history maker.”

Cejudo kept it real and shared how his trials and tribulations eventually shaped him into a champion.

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