Georgia Southern gearing up to host Hispanic Heritage Month events

Georgia Southern gearing up to host Hispanic Heritage Month events

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – People are gearing up for Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations on the Armstrong campus on Georgia Southern University.

The chairwoman for Migrant Equity Southeast is at Georgia Southern helping with Hispanic heritage events on campus. She says this month Migrant Equity Southeast is shedding light on all the contributions Hispanic people bring to our country and this community.

Migrant Equity Southeast’s main mission is to fight for human rights for people who came to America from a different country.

She says Hispanics make up a good bit of that population and still face racism and stereotypes every day and encourages people to ask questions and learn more about all the cultures that make up the Hispanic community.

“The representation part is huge so asking people, also of course immigration. Help for undocumented folks,” Tatiana Cabral Smith said.

Georgia Southern is hosting several Hispanic Heritage Month activities this month until Oct. 15 when the heritage month ends.

Student leaders says these activities are meant to celebrate all the cultures in the Hispanic community and start conversations.

They’re kicking off month-long Hispanic Heritage Month festivities with Fiesta Night on Thursday and the entrance to the student union is decked out with balloons and flags celebrating Hispanic countries.

Georgia Southern students and leaders say all of this is about embracing their culture and shedding light on challenges the Hispanic community is still facing.

“Hispanic culture is a very big part of American society today and it has been for a long time.”

Getting this event and several events together, Vice President of Hispanic Outreach and Leadership Achievement Jesus Sistos says Hispanic Heritage Month is more than celebrating the culture.

“Both as a celebration of our contributions of course but also as a reminder and invitation to discuss what needs to be done and the issues that we, as a community, are still facing,” Sistos said.

Hoping to spread awareness through these events, he says one of the biggest issues are barriers stopping people from migrating to the U.S.

“They want to grow up with their families. They want to fulfill what we can the American dream so it’s important to keep those issues in mind and to find solutions that benefit not only the ones most affected but at the end of the day the whole society.”

As dance classes and yummy food is on the menu for some of the events, Director of Multicultural Affairs Laurely Caycho says they’ll also have events like tapas and topics where students can vent about issues they face and be themselves.

“If they want to speak in their own language, they can speak in their own language. They don’t have to pretend, or they don’t have to say ‘oh let me go into my English mode. I think it’s very important for us to have this just so our students can identify with it and they can just be themselves,” Caycho said.

These events are open to the community and there is a list of events on Armstong, Statesboro and Liberty campuses.

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