Former WWE Superstar officially announces return from retirement after 4 years; date of first match set

A former WWE Superstar has announced that she is returning from retirement. After 4 years of being on the sidelines, the star is coming back to the ring once again and will be teaming up with another recently returned star. Gail Kim is going to wrestle once more, and the first match’s date has been set.

Kim is known for being one of the most underrated stars during her time in WWE. However, in IMPACT, she rightfully earned her place in the Hall of Fame. A seven-time holder of the Knockouts Championship, she’s more than shown what she can do in the ring. The star had retired, for the second time in 2019, after a match against Tessa Blanchard.

Now, the former WWE star has announced that she’s returning to the ring. In a breaking post on IMPACT Wrestling’s Twitter account, Gail Kim announced that she was coming back to the ring, much like Kong. Kim and Kong will be teaming up at IMPACT 1000.

“If Kong is coming back, so am I. My greatest rival is about to become my greatest partner. And at IMPACT 1000, that is when to celebrate the Knockouts division.”

She invited all the other women in the roster, past or present, to either stand with them, or against them. It’s clear that their team will be a formidable one.

The star will be appearing at IMPACT 1000 on September 9, the day after Victory Road.

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