F1 viewership numbers in the US allay fears of Max Verstappen’s dominance adversely affecting the sport

Despite Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance in the 2023 F1 season, the sport is not witnessing any dip in overall viewership or ticket sales, especially in the US. The sports owners, Liberty Media, recently revealed how well the viewership and the business side of things are looking in the west.

As per GPFans, Liberty Media’s CEO Greg Maffei explained how the average viewership on ESPN in 2023 will be higher than that of 2022. Furthermore, he revealed that the top three most watched races in 2023 so far were the Miami, Monaco, and Canadian GPs.

One of the reasons for this influx of new fans is the implementation of sprint races on certain weekends as well.

“Viewership on ESPN is up on season to date versus the 2022 average viewership with strong F1 TV performance as well. The 2023 season has already seen three of the four largest live audiences in F1 history on US TV, including Miami, Monaco and the Canadian GPs. All but two of our races have averaged more than one million viewers. Huge numbers for the US market,” Maffei said.

Ever since Max Verstappen and Red Bull are dominating the sport, there have been several discussions and debates about whether F1 is becoming more and more predictable and stale. However, the information from Liberty Media’s CEO himself proves that the sport has not witnessed any dip in overall viewership, mainly in the US.

Although there are fans leaving and joining the sport constantly, the numbers are net positive.

Max Verstappen on being booed after the 2023 F1 Miami GP

It is safe to say that Max Verstappen is not the most beloved F1 driver on the grid. Since the Dutchman is dominating the sport and easily winning every single race, several fans are unhappy since there is almost no competition at the front of the grid. After winning the 2023 F1 Miami GP, the Red Bull driver was greeted with boos from the grandstands.

During the post-race press conference, Verstappen stated that he understands the fans’ frustration but declared that winning is the most important thing for him, even though he is hated by a few.

The reigning F1 world champion said:

“If I am driving at the back nobody will be doing anything in terms of a reaction. It is normal when you are winning, and they don’t like who is winning. This is something that is absolutely fine for me as long as I stand on the top step of the podium. That is the most important thing. I take the trophy home, and they can go back to their houses and have a nice evening.”

Max Verstappen is currently leading the drivers’ championship comfortably with 314 points.

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