Despite owning an $8,000,000 yacht, Michael Jordan’s son Marcus reveals Bulls legend’s secret

Michael Jordan was once called a god by Larry Bird when the Chicago Bulls legend exploded for 63 points against the Boston Celtics in 1986. On the basketball court, he’s considered by many to be the greatest to ever play the game.

After retirement, Jordan has also become a competitive sports fisherman. He has a yacht called Catch 23 and participates in fishing tournaments.

The six-time NBA champ, though, has to stay on the boat. Otherwise, things could turn ugly or even deadly. Marcus Jordan had this to say about his father’s swimming skills on the Separation Anxiety podcast:

“I think another thing that people don’t know about my dad is that he can’t swim. He just bought a really large yacht and he’s got two fishing boats. He’s always on the water, but God forbid if he falls in, he can’t swim.”

Michael Jordan flailing his arms around helplessly waiting to be fished out of the water would be a stunning sight for anybody to see. He wouldn’t last long in the water since he doesn’t know how to swim. A billionaire and arguably the basketball GOAT needing somebody to save his life is not something one sees every day.

Jordan’s son, however, gave credit to his father’s resilience and survival skills:

“There’s this one time when we were young and on a yacht on some trip. I think we were in the Bahamas. My dad was on a jet ski with my sister. And for whatever reason, the jet ski capsized and turned over. My sister is floating, she obviously had a life vest on. My dad’s in the water. He wasn’t wearing a life vest.

“All you see is this big wad of cash. It was probably like $40K in a rubber band. It was floating. My dad’s in the water, my sister’s floating probably a couple of feet away. Who do you think my dad went for first?

Larsa Pippen’s boyfriend continued:

“My dad literally went for the $40K first. … Hey, when he needs to, he can survive.”

Michael Jordan was one of the winners of a recent fishing tournament

Michael Jordan continues to dabble in fishing tournaments. The crew of Catch 23 recently competed in the 32nd MidAtlantic competition and was one of the winners.

They won third place in the white marlin category when they snagged a 75-pounder. The feat earned them a cool $462,318 prize.

When not in his sports yacht, he also spends time on the more luxurious $80 million gem called the Joy. It’s safe to say Michael Jordan will not even get his feet wet on the water when he’s aboard the floating behemoth.

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