Current dominant champion breaks character to send heartfelt tribute to Bray Wyatt

A dominant champion broke her character to send a heartfelt tribute to Bray Wyatt, who passed away recently. The star in question is Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley has been on a dominant run ever since she joined The Judgment Day. The Nightmare defeated Charlotte Flair to capture the Women’s World Championship. Mami has been on a roll, steamrolling over opponents who have dared to face her in the ring. However, the heel was also left heartbroken at the tragic passing of Wyatt.

Yesterday, the WWE Universe was left stunned by the news of Wyatt’s passing. The Eater of Worlds passed away at the age of 36 after reportedly suffering a heart attack. Tonight on SmackDown, WWE hosted a tribute show in honor of the former WWE Champion.

WWE Superstars sent their heartfelt wishes and tributes to Bray Wyatt. Rhea Ripley also took to social media to post her condolences for The Eater of Worlds.

“He’s got the whole world in his hands. Thank you Bray”

Check out the tweet here:

Rhea Ripley’s Judgment Day stablemate, Finn Balor, who was one of Wyatt’s fiercest rivals, will go up against LA Knight, the final opponent for Wyatt, in the main event of SmackDown.

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