7 months after retirement, how Juan Martín Del Potro spends his days

7 months after retirement, how Juan Martín Del Potro spends his days

the Tandilense Juan Martin del Potro said goodbye to tennis before his people in the framework of the Argentina Open: that February 8, when he was defeated by his compatriot Federico Delbonis in the central court of the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, it was the last time that the Tower entered the court to play a match. In any case, while he already lives as a former tennis player, he could give himself one last chance to compete in an official tournament.

This is what Delpo himself hinted at while enjoying the US Open that he won in 2009 as a spectator, by virtue of what happened this year with Serena Williams, who retired after playing for the last time in Flushing Meadows.

The injuries ended up marking the Argentine’s career and after several complications in the patella of his right knee, he is still undergoing rehabilitation to recover a good part of his quality of life. While waiting for a treatment that will allow him to walk without pain, Delpo has not yet closed the doors to returning to the circuit.

Juan Martin del Potro: the proposal of the ATP

Seven months after taking another forced breakthe former tennis player was invited to New York to witness the 2022 edition of the US Open. In fact, on his social networks he was particularly active during the dispute of the last Grand Slam of the year, when the Instagram account delpotrojuan I used to have sporadic posts.

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The Argentine, who reached the third step in the world ranking, revealed that the organization of the contest offered him to hold a farewell match for next yearafter receiving the ovation of the spectators in the Billie Jean King.

Delpo showed his desire to return to the ring.

“The first thing these people told me when I arrived was that they had a lot of experience in carrying out events of this type, and that they had just done it recently. As if telling me ‘if they give you legs, you saw what we did with Serena Williams, think about it’. Obviously, it generated something very strong internally for me, ”said Juan Martín in an interview. It happens that, for a few months, the native of Tandil decided to start a new rehabilitation process in a clinic in Switzerland.

John Martin of the Foal: a new hope in Switzerland

No longer under the pressure of having to return to official competitions, he approached the small town of Muttenswhich is located just eight kilometers from Basel, the hometown of his friend (and great rival) Roger Federer, whom he even beat in that same place in two ATP 500 finals (2012 and 2013).

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There is the prestigious Rennbahnklinik clinica state-of-the-art medical center chosen by several elite athletes. All previous treatments he underwent included stem cells and various conservative methods; now, advanced with a novel alternative. In his free time, Del Potro rests at his residence in Miami.

The hospital to which the Tower went is common among tennis players: Novak Djokovic the right elbow was operated there in 2017; the Spanish Paul Andujar did the same in the same year and the Chilean footballer from Bayer Leverkusen Charles Aranguiz He entered the operating room in 2015 due to an ailment in his Achilles tendon. The new hope of the man from Tandil is a few centimeters from the Alps. For this reason, Delpo still dreams of an eventual return.

“I feel like it’s my place. I don’t think like a former tennis player. If I come here -to the US Open-, I think I’m going to have a good time and that I’m going to see friends, new generations. After, when I see them play I say ‘I have to be there’. I’m still feeling that, so it’s a combination of weird emotions. I live in a day to day with many emotional ups and downs”, explained the man from Tandil in a talk with journalists and former players.

Delpo recurrently travels to Switzerland to rehabilitate. (Photo: Instagram by @delpotrojuan)

For now, Del Potro has been shown in social and sports activities (for example, the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in May) and as a model for brands with which he continues to be related beyond having already distanced himself from tennis (Rolex, for instance).

In the same way, the Argentine expressed how he projects his future outside of the discipline: “I would like to be a father and with several children. I would like to live in Tandil. I have to heal my leg. How can I not ride a bike with my baby? To play tennis if one day he tells me ‘hey, show me how you did’. Same to soccer. Equally, I do not close the window to a miracle as happened with Andy Murray”. The Argentine, who has already become a synonym of resilience, plan to keep fighting.

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