50 best Tony Pollard-inspired Fantasy Football team names to try out in 2023 

Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard is undoubtedly one of the best RBs in the NFL. Pollard enters his fifth NFL season after a spectacular 2022 season that saw him selected for the first time for the Pro Bowl.

Pollard spent most of his early NFL career as a backup to three-time Pro Bowler Ezekiel Elliott, and it was only in year four that he showed the league what he could do. He amassed 193 rush attempts, 1,007 rushing yards and nine touchdowns on the ground. Furthermore, he added 371 receiving yards and three TDs in the air.

Tony Pollard was a fantasy football gem in 2022, finishing the season as the fantasy RB7. According to Fantasy Pros, he scored more fantasy points than any other RB (19.3 per game) from Weeks 7-16 when he consistently played over 53% snaps as the team’s featured before.

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He enters the 2023 season with a chip on his shoulder to prove that 2022 wasn’t a fluke season.

50 of the best Tony Pollard-inspired fantasy football team names

One of the most fantastic things about creating a fantasy football team is that you get the honor of giving it a befitting name. Also, having a name artfully crafted for your favorite professional football star is arguably undefeated.

You’re in the right place if you want to craft a name around Dallas Cowboys franchise RB Tony Pollard.

List of Tony Pollard Fantasy Football Team Names to use in 2023

Here’s a list of stellar Tony Pollard themed fantasy team names:

  1. Bean Pollard
  2. Buy Some TP
  3. Cowboy Up
  4. Flag Pollard
  5. Honored With Pollard
  6. Hot and Pollard
  7. Hot Under the Pollard
  8. Hot Wheels
  9. I Can’t Be Pollard
  10. In Pollard Position
  11. May POLlard
  12. North Pollard
  13. Opinion POLlard
  14. Playmaker Pollard
  15. PoLARD Heads
  16. Pollard Dancer
  17. Pollard Express
  18. Pollard Espresso
  19. Pollard Greens
  20. Pollard of Pain
  21. Pollard Patrol
  22. Pollard the Playmaker
  23. Pollard’s Posse
  24. Pollard’s Punters
  25. Pollard’s the Future
  26. Power Pollard
  27. RigaTony
  28. Ring Around the Pollard
  29. Should’ve Been A Cowboy
  30. TD Tony
  31. The Pollard Party
  32. The Pollard Predators
  33. Toe-Knee
  34. Tone-Loc
  35. Tony Balogna
  36. Tony Soprano Pollard
  37. Tony Stark
  38. Tony the TD Thief
  39. Tony The Tiger – He’s gr-r-reat!
  40. Tony the Trailblazer
  41. Tony’s Fantasy Footwork
  42. Tony’s Pizza
  43. Tony’s Touchdown Tornado
  44. Tony’s Trailblazers
  45. Touchdown Tony
  46. TP Roll
  47. Tub of PolLARD
  48. Up The Pollard
  49. You Call It; I Haul It
  50. Zeke Who

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